“Thank you, thank you, thank you Tina Kramer is all I can say. She has changed our lives. My daughter was struggling in school. In the second grade I was told that she needed to be tested for a learning disability and evaluated for ADHD. We followed the schools request and it was discovered that my daughter did in fact have a learning disability in the form of dyslexia and our physician agreed that she did have ADHD and recommended she be put on medication. (which we did not do)The school placed my daughter in the special education classroom and worked with her using the orton-gillingham method and advised me to do the same at home. It quickly became apparent that this method was not helping my daughter and in fact it was increasing her anxiety and stress. During the second grade my daughter began saying things like “I hate school and I’m so stupid”. Her personality was changing. She was no longer an outgoing, confident kid who loved to be the center of attention. She became shy and quiet and her anxiety was through the roof. It was breaking my heart and I had to do something to help her. That’s when I found Tina Kramer. What a life saver. Tina’s program helped my daughter get to grade level reading and gave her the tools she needed to be successful in a traditional classroom. She no longer has ADHD like symptoms either. My daughter is back! She has regained her self-esteem and confidence which was the most important thing to me but she is also thriving in school and is on the honor roll! Had we not worked with Tina I am confident that my daughter would still be struggling with low self-esteem and anxiety and she would still be well below grade level at school.”

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