Welcome to Simple Learning LLC.  My name is Tina Kramer and I am the President and Owner of Simple Learning LLC.  Disabilities are a thing of the past! Individuals can now acknowledge differences in learning, using their  perceptual talent to create success.

My approach is to listen to the student and understand how they learn.  I then create a custom program that meets their needs and creates success per how they learn.  This educational experience utilizes the strengths of the perceptual talent of thinking in real life.  If a student is taught how they learn, then success can happen in the traditional classroom.  It is such an amazing moment when the student realizes the challenges they are experiencing have nothing to do with their own intelligence, and everything to do with them being placed into a box.  Imagine trying to evaluate the intelligence of an elephant based on his ability to climb a tree!  Students realize how they learn and apply themselves using their true talents and life experiences.  School, work, and life in general, become less stressful and far more enjoyable.



  • “Life is really good for me and I thank you again for being such an awesome teacher. I laugh often about the time I spent learning about myself with you. You have a true gift for teaching and I’m so glad you are fulfilling your life purpose.”  (Angelia is an adult that had struggled with reading her whole life.)


  • Ryder speaking, “Mrs. Kramer you know the desk in the front of the room by the teachers desk that bad kids have to set at?”  “Yes?”  “Well that is my permanent desk.”

    “The difference in my child has been amazing.  His ability to focus and take charge in different situations has been life changing!  No longer is he coming home from school feeling defeated or like he is a “bad kid”.  Now he comes home smiling, excited to share his day with us.  This program showed our son the power he possesses to take control of his distractibility and excessive energy when necessary.  His grades have gone up, he remembers his homework and his teacher has consistently had positive things to say about the changes in the classroom.

    I don’t know where we’d be if we hadn’t found this program.” (Ryder’s mother)