Autism Spectrum

When a family calls me, they usually start by giving me the symptoms that make their everyday life challenging.  They share the challenges that they haven’t been able to get help for, frustrations and concerns for their love ones or their own future.  I listen and then explain that we now have a developmental approach to Autism.  I tend to look at Autism from a different point of view.  My questions involve; what were you or your child like when you were the age of two?

If there was something different about that period of time in their lives, then they may not have went through Individuation.  Individuation occurs when we develop our identity of who we are.  We realize that we are separate from others, things and the environment around us.  If individuation doesn’t occur, then we find ourselves in a world that is chaotic and causes us anxiety or even pain.

We then begin with a NOIT (registered trademark of NOIT Research LLC) This stands for Natural Orientation Inducing Tool.  The NOIT creates a sound that the student listens to and we find for the first time in their lives, development can continue to happen.  We start to see individuation occur, no matter the age.  Then we begin to teach the ideas that were missed due to the lack of individuation.  This is a very exciting time in the world of Autism.  We now can support the Autist per their specific needs.  It is a simple idea, however simple does not always mean easy.  Please contact me so that we can talk in more depth about the Developmental Approach to Autism.