Dyslexia involves having a perceptual talent.  Individuals with Dyslexia, or having symptoms related to dyslexia tend to be right brain strong and Visual-Spatial learners.  Their Sensory style is often Tactual, Perceptual Style is Concrete, and Organizational Styles are Global.  Their Temperament Style leans to a Sensing Perceiver.  So if you have done your homework, you know I am referring to Multiple Intelligences.  However, what about the individual that thinks this way to extreme?  To the extent that reading is hard and school work is comparable to the things that night mares are made of.  Or you may be that C student who everybody tells to concentrate harder, focus and pay attention.  If you identify with any of these you may not have considered that you are perceptually talented.

Individuals with Dyslexia have the ability to think in pictures. When they face any type of confusion, their minds attempt to solve the problem by looking at the subject matter from many different angles.  Take a look at the picture below:  (insert picture here)

While this talent works exceptionally well in real world 3-D areas, it presents problems in reading, math and related subjects.  Lets look at the letter b when this movement starts to occur.  (insert pictures of b moving)  ACK!

Also, let me add that individuals that think in pictures are really fast thinkers!  Like 32 pictures per second!  WOW!