Learning with Dogs


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Dogs are the best teachers!  They don’t judge, they constantly give us positive feedback, and they make us feel better.  Dogs have the ability to read and respond to our energy instantly!  Attending a dog workshop is a whole lot of fun and we are learning by doing!  These workshops begin with a one to one consultation, making sure that a workshop is the best fit for you, or your loved one.  We meet for 6 one hour sessions.  You or your child will be immersed in a totally hands on experience, where they will learn techniques for improving their identity of self,  ability to focus, time management, confidence, self esteem, order and responsibility.  The ideas taught and learned in the workshop, will carry over to their everyday life and school.

The dogs in the workshop are rescue dogs and there is a possibility for adoption.  Workshops are held at Dog World in Columbus, IN. http://www.dogworlddaycare.net

Please contact me directly for more information about our next workshop!