Learning with Horses



Horses are classified as one of the most empathetic animals.  Horses, like dogs, have the ability to understand and relate to energy.  They are constantly in the moment and quite grounded.  We know they make us feel better!  That magnetic energy causes us to be drawn to them and they also appreciate us.  Attending a horse workshop is a whole lot of fun, and we are learning by doing!  These workshops begin with a one to one consultation making sure that a workshop is the best fit for you, or your loved one.

We then meet for 6 – 90 minute sessions.  You or your child will be immersed in a totally hands on experience, where they will learn techniques improving their identity of self,  ability to focus, time management, confidence, self esteem, order and responsibility.  These ideas taught and learned in the workshop then carry over to their everyday life and school.

Students need to be able to sit in a saddle on their own.  Sitting in the saddle with equal weight placed on both feet is an important part of the learning process, which brings the body into physical balance.  This is a 1 hour trail ride, where we will be applying specific concepts, taught in the hands on learning part of the workshop.

Workshops are held at Schooner Valley Stables in Nashville, Indiana.