Simple Learning provides a custom program that meets the specific needs of each individual.  Please share any prior diagnosis  documentation and information. This will be integrated into the overall consideration of  creating a custom program.  While a diagnosis does point me into a direction, it is most important for me to see what challenges are being experienced by the individual.  The student, and what they would like to achieve, is my first consideration.  The goals of parents and/or support people are considered as well.

It is common that students may have tendencies for a learning difference, however never receive a formal diagnosis.  They may be the student with varying grades, I mentioned earlier.  Symptoms are as unique as the wonderfully talented and gifted individuals that I work with.  Most of my students (if on medication) are able to create tools that allows them to no longer need medication.  There are a few that work the programs and still prefer to use medication.  It depends on the individuals and their families.  I work with families.  The practice and implementation of ideas can be completed at home using aspects of everyday life.  I also take in consideration the likes and dislikes of the student.  The program can primarily focus on what an individual loves or has a great interest in.  I look forward to talking with you to create a custom program that best fits your needs and how it can manifest in your everyday life.